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Don't Eat The Pears
When Loki simply could not take another minute among the Avengers on Midgard or Thor and the Warriors Three within Asgard's palace, he knew he needed to get away before he tried to kill one of them. Again. So he took Darcy and went to one of his favorite areas to visit; Nornheim. The province was some days ride away from the capital, and it was far enough to help relax the god of Mischief.
Darcy was just excited she was going to get to see more than the capital of Asgard. Since she and Loki married it seemed all she ever saw was the capital or back to New York to deal with the Avengers. She wanted to see more, even if living in a giant palace made of gold was pretty epic. What could she say? Loki was spoiling her.
So the couple packed, took a carriage and left for Nornheim. A little over a week later they arrived, and Darcy was glad for it, sitting in a carriage all day and night was not exactly the most comfortable - even if it was huge and all royal-like with cushioned chairs, curtai
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 10 41
Day 30: Doing Something Hot
As Darcy stirred awake, she felt like her skin was on fire and trying to melt right off of her bones. She groaned as she kicked the blankets off, throwing them away from her sweaty skin. But Loki was quick to pull the blankets back over them, and that was when she realized the heat was radiating off of him.
Opening her eyes, she looked behind herself. Loki was spooning behind her, arms wrapped around her waist. She could feel the heat of his skin practically burning her skin. While Odin's concealment spell did give Loki skin that radiated some heat, he still always felt cooler than the average human. However right now Darcy felt like his blood was pure lava beneath his skin.
She pried herself away from him, which took several moments before she finally freed herself from his iron grasp. Sitting up afterward, she brushed his damp hair back and felt his forehead. "Loki!" She said, shaking his shoulder. He apparently had felt the need to cover up even in his sleep because the man was stil
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 18
Day 29: Doing Something Sweet
When Darcy told Loki she signed them up for a cooking class, at first he thought she was joking. For one, he actually knew how to cook to an extent, and continued to learn to do so. Mostly because Darcy couldn't cook and he didn't wish to starve to death. And secondly, she could not cook and had not tried to learn before.
But she had been serious, and in fact signed them up for a cooking class. Loki felt it was a waste of time on his part, but he would go along with it if it meant Darcy actually learned how to cook. It would certainly be nice for him to return after a long battle alongside the Avengers and his woman did the cooking for him instead of him having to do so.
Their ride dropped them off and they entered the building where the school was located, then went up to the floor it was located on. Loki stopped as he read the sign. "Manhattan School of Pastry? Darcy, you said you signed us up for a cooking class, not a baking class." He scowled as he looked at her.
She shrugged. "Wh
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 13
Day 28: Doing Something Ridiculous
With April Fools Day just a day away, everyone within S.H.I.E.L.D.'s HQ was on edge with a certain god of Mischief and his woman running around. Director Fury's blood pressure had went up a good bit the closer the day came. Loki and Darcy acted as if everything was normal, but the two made quite the deceptive team.
Night fell over New York. The clock ticked to Midnight. It was time to begin their plan of attack. Nick Fury didn't live at the building, he did go home (Wherever that may be) at night when there wasn't a crisis somewhere in the world. All was well, so he was home. The building wasn't empty, as was it regulations to always have agents within the building. The night shift, however, did not work in Fury's office.
It made the office a perfect target for the duo of doom. They went to work.
Loki cast a spell to make them invisible on any of the cameras, and disabled the listening devices on the floor. With that taken care of, he teleported Darcy and himself into Nick Fury's offic
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 34
Day 27: On One Of Their Birthdays'
For Loki, his birthday wasn't exactly the most important thing anymore. After a thousand years of birthdays they tend to get old. At least he thought so, but you couldn't tell anyone on Asgard that because it was just another excuse to throw some big party. And if it was one thing Asgardians loved, it was celebrating.
So for his birthday this year, he was glad to be on Midgard. The only person that insisted on a party was Thor, and after threatening to turn Jane into a newt, he got Thor to drop the topic. Darcy had barely mentioned anything about it, other than saying he was really old. He was a bit miffed about that comment, but otherwise glad his woman was respecting the fact he didn't want to celebrate it.
Darcy however had a plan. Loki left to practice some spells, and while Darcy usually went with him, she said she had some errands to run for Jane. But as soon as he was gone, she went to work. Earlier that week on one of her lunch runs she'd picked up a box of cake mix. She picked
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 15
Day 26: Getting Married
Darcy couldn't believe what was about to happen. Actually, anyone that knew her (Jane and the Avengers especially) couldn't believe what was about to happen. Darcy Lewis was about to get married; to Loki. When he first proposed, Darcy thought he was joking. But he hadn't been, and had in fact been the most serious he'd ever been in his life. And Darcy, after figuring out he wasn't joking, did what Darcy always did; jumped headfirst into it and said yes.
So here she was on Asgard, about to get married. Despite Loki's relations with Odin and Thor and most of the Asgardians, he wanted the ceremony to take place on Asgard, not Midgard. Mostly because if he married her on Asgard rather than Midgard, she would be granted one of Idun's apples of immortality as a gift. Even with Loki's mistakes, he was still considered a part of the royal family, and his marriage to anyone -even a mortal- would grant his bride such a gift from Idun.
Meeting Loki's parents was kind of intimidating for Darcy, at
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 4 16
Day 25: Gazing Into Eachothers' Eyes
S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ had a large cafeteria where the agents, scientists and members of the Avengers would often eat at. While they served food and had a couple of vending machines, most simply brought their own lunches or went and got take out and brought it back to eat in the cafeteria. Sometimes when Stark actually showed up at lunch time, he'd go all out and buy dozens of pizzas for everyone.
Today they weren't so lucky. Agent Maria Hill was standing near the doorway, drinking a cup of coffee while she watched Loki and Darcy sitting at one of the tables. Jane walked in to get a cup of coffee as well and eat the sandwich Thor had brought her. She paused when she seen Agent Hill, the woman always intimidating the astrophysicist.
Maria looked at her and stepped aside, nodding her head in greeting before she looked back toward the couple at the table. Jane stepped inside and looked over at the two as well, pausing near the doorway where Maria stood. "You know, it's pretty amazing."
"What is?
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 4 12
Day 24: Making Up Afterwards
Loki had ended up walking for a couple of hours. He had no destination, he just walked as he fought the storm of emotions that were swirling within him. He'd lost control of his magic because he'd been over emotional during his argument with Darcy. After awhile he reeled in his emotions, and realized just how harsh he'd been on Darcy.
That was when he turned around and began walking back to the hotel. He realized his mistake, in that Darcy Lewis was no damsel in distress. She was an independent woman that could take care of herself. She was right to say she wasn't some delicate little flower.
But she was his flower. And he loved her. And he didn't want to admit just how scared he'd been for her when the Chitauri had attacked. However that was no excuse to have raised his voice to her, or said some of the things he had said. He especially should have never lost control of himself like that.
As he stood in front of the hotel room door, his heart thumped painfully in his chest. Eac
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 5 8
Day 23: Arguing
The battle was over and won. Once again the Avengers had prevailed, and the Chitauri were now completely beaten. There were a few casualties, civilians that had been caught up in the battle, but the Avengers had prevented the loss of many more lives. Loki had been right when he didn't feel his and Darcy's apartment would have been a safe place for her, as the Chitauri had attacked it.
S.H.I.E.L.D. was going to move them into a new apartment, but until it was ready they were set up in a hotel. S.H.I.E.L.D. had sent for Darcy, whom Loki had left in a village in Norway for safety until the battle with the Chitauri was over. Loki would have gotten her himself but he'd used so much of his magic he couldn't summon the energy to teleport back and get her.
Their initial reactions when they were reunited was expected. Both relieved to see the other was safe. However, as they were taken to the hotel where they would be staying until their new apartment was ready, both had something they needed t
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 5 10
Day 22: In Battle Side-by-Side
His worst nightmare was coming to pass. The remaining Chitauri returned to Midgard in pursuit of Loki for revenge. It wasn't that he was afraid for himself, it was that he was terrified if they got their hands on Darcy. When the attack happened, they had been at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. They were unprepared for it, but the Avengers reacted quickly.
Loki reacted the quickest.
Darcy was no where in sight. She'd just left to go on a food run, she was surely still in the building. Loki couldn't even begin to think if she was outside in this. He didn't bother with stairs or the elevators, instead teleporting from floor to floor. The Chitauri were already in the building attacking everyone, looking for him, for anyone that meant anything to him.
His heart was pounding; he couldn't find her. If they got their hands on her... He shook those thoughts from his mind, dagger gripped tightly in his hand as another Chitauri rushed him. He quickly blocked it's strike before he drove his dagger into it's head
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 5 10
Day 21: Cooking
If they weren't eating out or having takeout of some kind, Loki did all the cooking in the relationship, considering Darcy had once burnt a pot of water. In fact he banned her from the kitchen if it involved cooking anything more than a grilled cheese, and that was if he was supervising her the whole time.
Loki could still remember a time when he had cooks that did this for him. Now he had to fend for himself. Darcy promptly calls him a spoiled brat whenever he brings these facts up. He grumbles about it, but otherwise bites his tongue.
Today it had started off raining when they woke up, continued to rain as they worked, and was still raining when they got home. Neither of them felt like going out in this weather, so when they returned home from work, Loki went into the kitchen to search for something to cook up. At least they recently got groceries so there was plenty to choose from.
"How about salads?" He mused, glancing over his shoulder at his woman with a spark of mischief in his
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 5 12
Day 20: Dancing
The night was actually shaping up to be pretty decent. Even Loki was relatively pleased by how the night was going. And unlike his first experience at a Midgardian gala, he didn't have to rip out anyone's eyeballs or kill anyone. Though he was pretty sure if he did, Darcy wouldn't necessarily be turned off by his actions. The Norns know how much he loved his woman.
The food and drinks that were being served was high dollar and it tasted every bit of it. Darcy had managed to get a whole meal in and a couple drinks, though it took more than that to get her tipsy. Loki was pretty much immuned to getting drunk on Midgardian alcohol, having told her once that it's diluted compared to the alcohol they serve on Asgard.
They'd been mingling for about thirty minutes now when the music started to change, the musicians playing music fit for dancing to. Everyone was starting to pair up and begin to dance with the music's flow. Even Thor took Jane out on the main floor to dance. Loki watched Thor a
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 5 9


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Hey everyone! Check out the NEW chapter of The Guest With A Cheeky Smile over at my FanFiction page! Chapter Star Trek and Tales is up!…
OMG I GOT AN IPHONE!! <3 My mom upgraded hers to 7 plus and gave me her 6 plus!! SO awesome!!Loki'd La

New laptop!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 19, 2017, 2:43 PM

I got a new laptop this weekend as an early birthday gift and am playing around with it. It's an Asus, my first (Last was a Toshiba). I really like it!

EDIT welp my computer is high, trying to tell me my files were using a Microsoft product when they were using Windows. Found my WordPad which is exactly what I used before. <3 But now I like Jarte because it's faster with larger files. Plus spellcheck. I may stick with it afterall, but at least WordPad is there should I want to go back to the familiar. :)

So I've been looking around. I tried LibreOffice, but OMG it is SO slow!! Like the larger the file the slower it is. I tried all day yesterday to like it, and it had everything I needed, nice layout, but ugh, it's too freaking slow where my larger works are concerned!

Today I am trying Jarte. I think I like it?? It's much faster with larger files, still has what I need it seems. I'd be happy with it but it seems to be kinda. Blurry? A little? It's not crisp like everything else which is odd.

Does anyone have any opinions on Jarte? Or a suggestion of something else I could try?


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